Medical Healthcare Marketing

Marketingology has worked with several clients involved with healthcare. These sites have included: medical software websites medical research websites medical clinic websites pharmacy websites alternative healthcare websites Marketingology works to get healthware websites to respond to many keyword phrases on the search engines. We focus on Google but the sites have done equally well on other search engines. This has included websites focused on internet pharmacies- a highly competitive sector…

New Technology Marketing

Marketingology has worked with several new technology startups to: develop a web presence secure web holdings determine good domain names develop social networking New technology is a natural fit for the Internet. Marketingology can put together a website and a campaign for you that will: attract investors capture the attention of early adopters market your new products or services

Ecommerce Websites SEO

ECOMMERCE WEBSITES SEO Quite often, Ecommerce SEO is an overlooked aspect of marketing until it’s too late. Research has shown that there is a direct relationship between how your shopping cart infrastructure is designed and it’s ranking on Google for keyword searches. shopping cart seo monitor results improve visibility / increase sales

Tourism Internet Marketing

From Arctic hotel chains to tickets for the Masters- Marketingology enjoys the challenge of the competitive field of tourism marketing on the Internet. We work with your company to define your Internet presence including: search engine optimization social networking Facebook for business email marketing Whether you have an existing site or have a project ready to start, Marketingology will work with you to drive traffic to your tourism destination.

Cosmeceutical Internet Marketing

Is your company bring a cosmeceutical product to market? A strong Internet marketing campaign can direct more traffic to your product pages. A cosmeceutical product marketing campaign might include: search engine optimization linking campaign social marketing email campaigns reputation management Marketingology has participated in the marketing campaigns for several cosmeceutical products. Small campaign, large campaign – we bring a new perspective to your cosmeceutical marketing campaign.

Infomercial Drtv Marketing

Marketingology has worked with on several infomercial product websites. Our experience includes: infomercial product information sites blended marketing campaigns for new infomercial products infomercial product website design for SEO reputation management for infomercial products We have worked both as: Internet marketing agency for all aspects of infomercial product rollouts SEO support for existing infomercial product campaigns

Website Design For Seo

Is your website design hampering your SEO efforts? We see it all the time. We can: rebuild your existing website to work with the search engines (we can often keep the same look) redesign your website for SEO build a whole new website that is SEO friendly from the ground up We can incorporate your graphics, logos, images and video. We can also add contact forms and improve other calls…

Social Media Marketing

Marketingology works with you to develop a social media marketing strategy. Your blended search strategy can be customized to the specific needs of your company. Combining the power of your search engine optimized website alonside your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites enhances your ability to be found easier. Social Media Marketing affords you the opportunity to communicate with your clients and best prospects in real-time for a…

Search Engine Strategies

At one time, you made a website, strategically added keywords and there you were. Times have changes and an implemented strategy is the way to go. Marketingology develops strategies that are often implemented over months, even years. We work through: helping you select domain names interviewing your business to determine key phrases designing websites to complement your SEO needs selecting shopping cartsenhancing contact points developing social networking Search engine strategies…